One of the latest interesting projects we had, is the design of the new Bulgarian chicklit for PR professionals. Author is our friend Kremena Georgieva.  The book is A5 size, 256 pages, 4-color print for the covers and 1-color print for the body. We made the cover design from Rosen Gikov’s sketches of women silhouettes. We vectorized the sketches and choose rainbow-like colors in order to express the author’s and also women’s soul – colorful and ever-changing.prrethoricmass-media_read1

We’ve chosen to use a design with more white spice in order to differentiate the book from the others – most of the book covers on the market consist of many images, big, bold fonts and bright colors. To attract the viewers attention we decided to move away from this tendency with clean, elegant and minimalistic design.

For the body of the book we’ve chosen two fonts – one for the author’s thoughts and another for the story itself. The logic choice was to use one serif and another san-serif font. The hardest part in the design was the chapter with the press releases. Here we had 25 press releases and exactly 25 pages for all of them which means 1 page for 1 press release.  The problem was that most of the press releases were A4 size text documents consisting of 2 and more pages and the book itself  is A5 size. So here we spent a lot of time to compress and format the text in a proper readable way.


The second part of this project was to create a logo for the publishing house that published the book. We suggested to the client to make a little change of the name of the publishing house – from DJIKS to JIX. The name looks better when spelled this way and works better for a logo. Also we’ve reserved the cool domain name that is a real treasure and a good investment by itself.  For the logo we wanted something very clean and simple that will fit to any kind of book and here is the result.


Here is the invitation design for the presentation of the book and a photo from the event at Hilton Hotel Sofia. You can buy the book “Pr. Rethoric. Mass Media” here.