Suave Gap / Catalyst poster

poster for a music concert, Jan 2008 web design

Web design and coding for, site launched in 2008

PS Myspace Design

A myspace design for the Bulgarian Punk-Rock band “Perfect Skies” ( ex Catalyst ). was launched in 2009.

Kristina Nestorova Myspace Design

A myspace layout design for the topmodel Kristina Nestorova. It was online for a few months in 2008. Then she deleted her myspace profile as far as I know

Old flash4 crap

Old flash 4 movie from year 2002. One of my first flash animations.

Charcoal drawings of animals

I’ve found drawing with charcoal very interesting and relaxing. It’s really hard to draw something with just a few movements of the hand, but the charcoal gives you a lot of oppertunities to express in an alternative way.

George Sampson Logo

A logo design, for the George Sampson Logo Competition.

TZUM postwork

Photography + Postwork + Prepress for TZUM, 2008