Avia Airlines Identity

Graduation work of Alex Ivanova created in 2009.

RA twitter background design

This is just a project for a twitter background design. 2009

Oazis and Maltese Castle print branding

Oazis is a hotel complex, located in Lozenec, Bulgaria. Materials are designed and shot in the summer of 2008.

SME website redesign

Sme.bg, 2008

VVR-28 website

Website + SEO package, 2006

LionessTrade website

International freight and forwarding, 2008

Ekama index flash

EKAMA tires, 2008

Model agency website

www.nextoneagency.com, 2008

BG tourist logo & slogan

My proposal for the BG tourist logo competition in 2004.

Myst adv

A4 advertisement in INTRO magazine, 2005.

Old photo story

A short photo story from one inspiring morning in 2005.

Ralev 2004 website

The first version of Ralev.com website. It was online in 2004 and 2005.

Ralev business card

It’s the first official Ralev.com business card, printed in 2004. Phone now is 0896 804 800.

Cinemafia pitching book

In 2007, Cinemafia organized the first official pitching for short films in Bulgaria. We helped the guys to put all the projects in a nice layout. A book could be printed with a low budged, but a nice layout can always give you a fancy look.

Avlon business card

Business card for Avlon – company for locking systems and hardware. Printed in 2007 – English and Bulgarian version.