is one of the leading Bulgarian internet companies with a large portfolio of web projects. To present these projects to their collegues, potential customers and partners on the Annaul Festival of Advertising Agencies , held in 2008 , they wanted 14 creative concepts ( one for each project ) for postcards that are placed in a paper box. The sketches and the creative part is done by our team at . Inhouse designers from Investor finished the drawings, based on our concept. We also made the prepress work of the cards and the design of the cover box.



The idea is to make funny illustrations for every one web project of the client’s portfolio. For example is a football (soccer) portal and there’s a sketch of a guy that is so inspired by the game, that he forgets he’s at home, not at the football field and starts shooting with the ball towards his laptop, trying to score.







Every card also has a slogan with a motivating message, related to the theme of the web project it presents. The main idea of the final advertising product is that the viewer feels inspired by the messages written on the cards, and the witty illustrations makes him/her smile. One of the slogans says:  ” Smile, you look nice” which is a very warm positive message and presents Investor as a positive company. Exactly the way they are!