printed preview


In 2007, Cinemafia organized the first official pitching for short films in Bulgaria. We helped the guys to put all the projects in a nice layout. A book could be printed with a low budged, but a nice layout can always give you a fancy look.

There were repeating elements in the presentation of each movie and movie team, but generally – it was a hard task, because many of the text elements were with different lenght. So… how to save space.. put very different pharagraphs in the same layout.. and meanwhile keep the design interesting, but not too talkative, so that the reader can focus on the text inside.

Well.. what you see is the the “base” layout. A few variations were developed – somewhere the grey field is longer , but when you browse through the pages the all look good. Different elements were “locked” in different positions, so that text is the king of the content and design obeys.